Strategy & Assessment

Clarity above all.

To get where you want to go, you need a clear assessment of how your nonprofit is performing, a plan for the future, and a way to execute it. We help our nonprofit clients in each of these areas.

Where are you now? Where do you want to go?
And how are you going to get there?

Fundraising Audits

How effective is your organization? Where are you weakest? How do your results compare to sector benchmarks? What do highly effective organizations in your sphere do that separates them from the pack?

We help our clients answer these important questions. By drawing on our experience with hundreds of nonprofits and proprietary data sets, we assess our clients’ practices and provide them with a full picture of how they measure up—and where their best opportunities for growth and improvement lie.

Strategic Plans

To get where you want to go, you need both a plan and a way to execute it. American Philanthropic helps nonprofits in both areas.

Our strategic planning process is streamlined and action-oriented. Rather than consisting of wish lists or requiring endless meetings and tedious workshops, our plans are focused, practical, and detailed. They are built to fit an organization’s particular situation, to account for strengths and weaknesses, and to wisely marshal human and financial capital. We not only work with clients on analysis and strategy, we also help clients act on that analysis and strategy by providing specific services and back-office support.

Data Analytics

How should you prioritize the donors in your file? Who are the best prospects to move up in your donor club? Who are your best planned-giving prospects?

We help our nonprofit clients answer these questions by combining practical experience with our research tools and proprietary data sets. Our empirically based approach can help you identify untapped opportunities and achieve success.


What is a donor investing in when they give to your organization? What impact will their gift have? What change are they helping to bring about through their giving? Your messaging needs to answer these and a host of other donor questions in a compelling, convincing, credible way.

In our strategic planning process, we take our clients through the key questions for which all successful nonprofits must have answers. This not only helps our clients craft an organizational plan for the future, but also create a foundational messaging library that serves as the basis of their donor-facing materials and development officer training.