Planned Giving

Building an organization that lasts.

A much-talked-about, unprecedented intergenerational transfer of wealth is underway. But your organization will benefit little without a solid, strategic, robust planned-giving program in place.

We help clients launch, refine, and manage such programs, identifying the strategies they should pursue, the best planned-giving prospects in their files, and the tools they should deploy to close transformational planned gifts.

The intergenerational transfer of wealth is estimated to be in the trillions over the coming decades.
A good portion of that will go to nonprofits. Will yours be one of them?

Establishing the program

We help you name, brand, and communicate your planned giving program to your donors. Our team of designers will create special marketing materials and advise you on how to incorporate planned giving into your organization’s website, magazines, newsletters, standard solicitation letters, and other print and digital media.

Strategy & Training

We create an overall short-term and long-term planned giving calendar and strategy, advise you on how to incorporate planned giving into your fundraising activities, and train your staff on how to think about planned giving and talk about it with prospects.

Identifying top prospects

We sort through your entire database to identify and prioritize your nonprofit’s best planned giving prospects, and we create customized approach strategies for your top planned giving candidates.

Achieving your goals

We help execute every component of your planned giving program, including drafting, producing, and coordinating the mailing of planned giving letters to your donor prospects and other strategic communication campaigns.