Personnel Searches

We find candidates that know your mission, grow your
revenue, and stay for the long haul.

Hiring for development and nonprofit executive roles is no easy task. Every day a position goes unfilled, donor relations are crumbling. And with sky high turnover throughout the industry, constantly hiring and rehiring takes a toll on staff and donors alike.

At American Philanthropic we help clients clarify their staffing needs, then reach into the sectors where quality candidates are found. We are there every step of the way, from recruiting promising candidates to compensation negotiations.

Unlike at a traditional search firm, American Philanthropic’s consultants are practitioners in the same tasks a successful candidate will perform. We help nonprofit leaders with fundraising and leadership strategy every day of the week. So when we find and evaluate job candidates, we are looking through and beyond resume gimmicks, applying lessons learned through years of experience in what does and doesn’t work in a nonprofit organization. For an initial consultation, please contact Kieran Raval at

Our personnel search process involves the following steps:

Needs Analysis

Interviewing the organization’s leadership, we walk the client through their need, discussing staffing alternatives to ensure whether the opening to be filled should be a priority for the organization.

Ideal Candidate Profile

We construct a profile of the skills, leadership abilities, background, experience, qualifications, and personal qualities that the ideal candidate would have. This process clarifies the type of candidate that we want to recruit.

Position Brief

We craft an appealing and direct description of the organization, the position, the responsibilities the position will have, and the type of person who should consider applying.

Advertising & Recruiting

There are thousands of places that an organization could post a job to, but which ones will turn up the most promising candidates? We target cost effective channels specific to the client’s sector and mission in order to get in front of the best candidates. We also research allied organizations and promising individuals, reaching out to our network and far beyond to identify and recruit top candidates.

Screening Candidates

As promising candidates are identified, we perform phone screenings to learn more, clarifying information in resumes and cover letters, weeding out unpromising candidates, and forwarding only those candidates who are the best fit for the organization.

Interviews & Recommendations

We send promising candidates to the client’s leadership for further evaluation, and partake in the final interview process as the client requests. This might include participation in final interviews, checking references, or providing compensation analysis.