Major Gifts

Nonprofits depend on major gifts..

We help our clients build the kind of organizational cultures that attract major gifts. We help them hone their stories and pitches. We create tools and implement systems that persuade small donors to become large donors—and that retain and upgrade the large donors they already have.

In a recent American Philanthropic study, 88% of respondents’ annual budgets came from $1,000+ givers.
Cultivating such major gifts is obviously essential. Here are the ways in which we help you do so…

Donor Clubs

The key to cultivating large gifts lies in creating closer relationships with your supporters. A major-donor club can be a powerful tool toward this end—in fact, nonprofits with active major-donor clubs raise 50% more money from their individual donors on an annual basis than do other nonprofits.
We help our clients design, implement, and manage clubs that leverage their strengths and draw supporters more closely into the life of their organizations.

Foundation & Corporate gifts

On average, at least 25% of nonprofit revenue comes from foundation and corporate gifts. No nonprofit can afford to ignore these giving sources, but to get a foundation and corporate solicitation program up and running takes a good deal of expertise and time on task. That’s what we bring to the table.
Drawing on our proprietary database and research tools, we identify the best foundation and corporate giving prospects for our clients, we build appropriate approach strategies, and help execute those strategies through grant writing, proposal creation, letter writing, tracking, and overall program management.


What is a donor investing in when they give to your organization? What impact will their gift have? What change are they helping to bring about through their giving? Your messaging needs to answer these and a host of other donor questions in a compelling, convincing, credible way.
We take our clients through the key questions for which all successful nonprofits must have answers, creating a foundational messaging library that serves as the basis of their donor-facing materials and development officer training

Storytelling Tools

To successfully close major gifts, a nonprofit needs an array of storytelling tools.
Our professional design team works in tandem with our consultants to help clients compellingly tell their stories through annual reports and other supporting collateral material, including brochures, partner prospectuses, program one-pagers, and other artful print and digital documents.