Grant Writing

Making the best case for your cause.

What is a foundation investing in when they give to your organization? What impact will their grant have? What change are they helping to bring about through their giving?

Your messaging needs to answer these and a host of other donor questions in a compelling, convincing, credible way.

The process involved in developing letters of inquiry and grant proposal templates and customizing them to fit each and every foundation requirement is a necessary part of the solicitation process, but it is a time-consuming task. American Philanthropic offers its nonprofit clients the expertise as well as the time on task to successfully create these essential fundraising materials.

Working in tandem with our professional design team, we develop each of these documents from scratch and draft a host of other accompanying collateral materials, such as acknowledgment letters, grant reports, follow-up e-mail correspondence, annual reports, meeting and presentation documents, and other artful print and digital documents.

In short, we do the back-office work required to execute major donor and foundation requests, enabling you to use more of your own time to establish and cultivate closer personal relationships with donor prospects.

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