Koret Foundation

Giving away money well is often more challenging than simply writing a check and hoping for the best. For donors seeking to get better results with their giving, it's important to take a strategic approach. That means—among other things—matching your values, resources, intentions, and time horizon with the right giving vehicles, an analysis of the social landscape, and an evaluation of your current and potential nonprofit partners.


The Koret Foundation's school-choice funding is motivated by their conviction that every child deserves the opportunity to receive an excellent education. For fifteen years, Koret has funded schools, ideas, and organizations with the aim of creating a more competitive educational marketplace.

The foundation's strategy is to exert external market pressure on public school districts to encourage excellence. But has the foundation's legacy of school choice funding actually made a difference?

American Philanthropic worked with the foundation to examine the impact of its K-12 giving over the past fifteen years, interviewing dozens of stakeholders and educational experts and evaluating grantee effectiveness. We then helped the foundation develop a list of major strategic options for improving its future giving.

In carefully and objectively reviewing its past performance, the Koret Foundation set itself up to get even better results with its giving in the future.


  • Strategic goal-setting.
  • Giving portfolio and grantee evaluations.
  • Research and assessment of current nonprofit partners.
  • Analysis and improvement of giving impact.