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Our simple, transparent model makes direct mail easy and successful.

Direct mail remains the single most cost-effective way for nonprofits to acquire, retain, and upgrade donors. For that reason, direct mail is too important to be shrouded in mystery or be made needlessly complicated.

That’s why we offer our direct mail clients an unparalleled level of customized service. Holding regular monthly or bi-weekly conference calls with your staff, we keep your program on track and coordinate the entire production process from start to finish.

Moreover, we stand out for putting the interests of our clients first. That means we don’t charge by unit, and instead employ a simple fee structure that contains no surprises. It also means that you retain rights to all the creative elements of our work—including copy.

Our direct mail management services process consists of the following steps...


Message and strategy

Based on our analysis of your organizational situation, and previous results, as well as our own experience and data, we work with you to create a set of goals for your entire direct mail program (donor acquisition and house-file) and a road map for achieving those goals. Most importantly, we take the time to get to know you and your organization so that we can capture your voice and tell your story in a compelling way.


Copy writing and package design

We write copy that is rhetorically and technically effective for fundraising while remaining true to your brand and mission. We don’t, in other words, just repurpose text used for some other organization, but put together copy that is unique to you. We also help you design the most effective package, testing variables such as carriers, copy, reply devices, color usage, inserts, and letter-signers—thus laying the groundwork for improved performance over time.


List acquisition

For acquisition mailings, we manage all list coordination, both rentals and exchanges, and provide our expert advice to ensure that you have access to the best-performing lists on the market.


Printer and mail-house coordination

We obtain bids and coordinate with printers, mail houses, and the post office to ensure that you receive the highest quality services for the best price.


Data analysis

We provide in-depth data analysis after every mailing, drawing conclusions about what worked and what can be improved. Using these results and our experience working with hundreds of nonprofit organizations, we make recommendations for your next mailings and for your direct-mail program in general.

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