Capital Campaigns

Helping your capital campaign succeed—from beginning to end.

How can you raise the money you need for your capital needs? Do you have the organizational infrastructure to take on a large capital campaign? What is the right monetary target and the right messaging? How will you staff and execute your campaign?

We can help you meet these needs without negatively affecting your organization’s overall operations, programming, and—most importantly—critical ongoing fundraising efforts.

American Philanthropic helps plan and execute capital campaigns that are as varied and complex as the needs of our nonprofit clients.

Drawing on our experience with hundreds of nonprofits and our own proprietary data, our consultants help with strategic capital campaign planning that makes sense for you, support your implementation of that plan, and provide the leadership and time on task you need for your campaign to succeed—from beginning to end.

At some point in the life of most nonprofit organizations,
the need arises for new and improved capital projects. We can help
you get where you want to be.


Is now the right time to launch a capital campaign? What aspects of your development program might be affected by undertaking a capital campaign right now? Do you have the donor base to make this a reality?
American Philanthropic can help you decide whether a capital campaign is the right move for your organization at this time.

Feasibility Study

What are the key goals and objectives of your capital campaign? What do you ultimately want to achieve? What is the right financial goal and how will it be used? What is the overall budget? Who will be your lead donors?
We help you address your goals, the means you have of reaching them, and the timeline you want to govern the campaign. We also survey your key stakeholders to gauge their reaction to the campaign case statement, the campaign goals, determine how much they are likely to give, and identify lead gifts. All of this helps provide you with as complete a picture as possible before proceeding with your capital campaign.

Messaging and Plan

We help you finalize a name for your campaign, determine the final financial goals, objectives, and projects for the campaign, establish a campaign timeframe, set the calendar of activities, allocate personnel resources, and much more.

Campaign Leadership and Management

We not only conceptualize and create your capital campaign plan, we help you execute and implement it—from beginning to end.