Many nonprofits wonder how their development programs compare to those of their peers and what they can do to imitate the highest-performing organizations in their sector. American Philanthropic can help you answer these questions with the most recent data available.

In 2015, we asked 99 nonprofits in various sectors to participate in our development survey. The survey covered nearly all areas of development, including operations and employee time on task, boards, foundation solicitations, direct mail, donor acquisition and retention, corporate gifts, event revenue, and online fundraising.

The fruit of that survey, our 2015 Fundraising Performance Report, offers relevant operational and fundraising benchmarks to nonprofits looking to enhance their development practice.


In particular, this report will help you answer four main questions:

  1. What results are nonprofit groups getting in various areas of fundraising?
  2. Where do you stand? How do your fundraising numbers compare to those of similarly sized groups?
  3. How do your fundraising numbers compare to other organizations operating in a similar sphere?
  4. What variables are most highly correlated with organizational success?

In order to make this report maximally useful to you, we often break down the results by organizational size so that you can appropriately compare your organization to other nonprofits with similar budget sizes.

We also compare the results yielded from what we call “highly effective” organizations to those yielded from all other organizations. In this way we hope to tease out what results and practices differentiate the most admired and/or fastest-growing nonprofits from their peers.

We believe you will find this report useful in enhancing the important work that you do, and we are thrilled to be able to offer it to you. It is now available to purchase for $200. Once you have completed the form below and made your payment by check or via PayPala digital download and security code will be sent to your inbox. We will also mail you a hard copy.

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