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By Jeff Cain

Protecting Donor Intent: How to Define And Safeguard Your Philanthropic Principles

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Benefits of a Gift Gone Wrong (Philanthropy Round Table, July 2014)

Leadership and Organizational Self-Awareness (State Policy Network News, May 2014)

Developed: Creating A Culture for Fundraising Success (State Policy Network News, April 2013)

Raising More Money by Building Better Relationships
(Rostrum Magazine, November 2010)

Five Threats to Philanthropic Freedom in These Recessionary Times
(Washington Legal Foundation, June 2010)


On the Crisis of Self-Definition in English Studies (Spring 2001) Rocky Mountain Review.

Chaucer's Gardens and the Language of Convention (Fall 1998) Rocky Mountain Review.

An Experiment in Honesty: Samuel Taylor Coleridge's The Friend (Fall 2003) Modern Age.

Shakespeare for Our Time (Fall 2006) University Bookman.

Northwest Passages (Fall 2008) University Bookman.

By Jeremy Beer

The Philanthropic Revolution: An Alternative History of American Charity

A Relevant Benchmark for Similar Nonprofits

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Imperialism by Philanthropy
(from the August 2012 issue of The American Conservative)

School Choice in Texas: Who Opposes It - And Why
with Jeff Cain and Ilan Wurman (April 2011)

Cultured Conservatism
(from the June 1, 2010, issue of The American Conservative)

Notes from the Congress for the New Urbanism
(June 15, 2009, Front Porch Republic)

The Decline of Middle America and the Problem of Meritocracy
(May 5, 2009, Front Porch Republic)

By the Book
(from the May 4, 2009, issue of The American Conservative)

By Scott Walter

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