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By Jeremy Beer

The Philanthropic Revolution: An Alternative History of American Charity

A Relevant Benchmark for Similar Nonprofits

From Philanthropy Daily

Imperialism by Philanthropy
(from the August 2012 issue of The American Conservative)

School Choice in Texas: Who Opposes It - And Why
with Jeff Cain and Ilan Wurman (April 2011)

Cultured Conservatism
(from the June 1, 2010, issue of The American Conservative)

Notes from the Congress for the New Urbanism
(June 15, 2009, Front Porch Republic)

The Decline of Middle America and the Problem of Meritocracy
(May 5, 2009, Front Porch Republic)

By the Book
(from the May 4, 2009, issue of The American Conservative)

By Scott Walter

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