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Former National Review Publisher Joins National Consulting Firm as Senior Philanthropy Advisor

American Philanthropic is pleased to announce the hiring of Jack Fowler as Senior Philanthropy Advisor and Director of the Center for Civil Society.

Mr. Fowler brings over four decades of leadership to this role, including a long tenure at National Review. At the magazine, he served in various roles including publisher and worked on circulation, marketing, and fundraising. Jack is a frequent writer, speaker, and commentator who has written regularly for NR and other publications and hosts a popular podcast with Victor Davis Hanson.

Mr. Fowler has served on numerous boards including the American Mental Health Foundation, The Human Life Foundation, The Frontier Center, and Gen Justice. He and his wife Sharon have five children and live in Milford, Connecticut.

“When I was at the business helm of National Review, it became obvious to me that American Philanthropic was uniquely situated to be consequential—profoundly so—on behalf of America’s core principles,” Fowler noted. “American Philanthropic has proven a transparent, indispensable, and utterly decent partner to those institutions and determined individuals who work tirelessly and selflessly to sustain the greatness of this last, best of earth.”

Mr. Fowler will advise and support individual donors and charitable foundations as they discern and implement their charitable missions. American Philanthropic works with both givers and doers, combining experience in philanthropy with a deep understanding of what is possible to accomplish on the ground. Mr. Fowler will assist donors through a range of services including strategic giving assessment and planning, donor intent auditing, and giving program management.

Mr. Fowler will also serve as Director for the Center for Civil Society, American Philanthropic’s educational platform. The Center for Civil Society provides research, trainings, and other resources that offer practical advice, ideas, and tools to help civil society leaders achieve their missions. The Center will host its first in-person conference in Scottsdale on Wednesday, November 17. Stay in the loop about new developments related to this project by signing up here.

“Jack is a rare bird. A man of integrity, grit, and good humor,” said Partner Liz Palla. “We are thrilled to have him with us and fortunate to have his experience and leadership as we grow our firm’s work with individual donors and foundations.”

Mr. Fowler joins a growing philanthropic advising and services firm with over 60 staff serving clients across the country. Said Fowler, “American Philanthropic—the institution itself, and each and every member of its happy-warrior team—gets it. The ‘it’ being that we are a blessed nation and people, and that part of our blessing is the unique American spirit of subsidiarity and charity which sustain the self-evident truths we cherish.”

Mr. Fowler will remain in the New York City area and work with clients around the country. In the coming months, he will be writing a series of articles on Philanthropy Daily to help donors in their giving and hosting webinars on topics including protecting donor intent and giving within higher education. Click here to learn more about upcoming events and resources. He will also continue to write, speak, and co-host The Victor Davis Hanson Show, where Jack and Victor discuss current political and social events and ideas in "The Traditionalist" and current and past cultural trends in "The Classicist."

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