Vice President of Development

Prager University Foundation - Los Angeles, CA

In its first decade, PragerU has become the most influential conservative media company in America. It has over ten million social media followers, a $50 million annual budget, and has accrued five billion video views.

But PragerU has only just begun to tap its full potential. And in order to advance PragerU as America’s leading media company in the fight to save the country from the leftist revolution sweeping through its institutions, it intends to grow its executive team. PragerU now seeks a Vice President of Development who is committed to the vision of educating the next generation to value the basic principles of freedom—life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Leading the development team, the Vice President of Development will help create and implement an annual strategic plan to guide Prager to the next level in its reach and influence.

The Vice President of Development will be based out of the foundation’s Los Angeles headquarters ideally (or potentially Hollywood, Florida hub) and report directly to the Chief Development Officer, with significant amount of interaction with the CEO. The salary for the position is between $200,000 to $300,000, commensurate with experience.



To promote American values through the creative use of digital media.


To envision a world committed to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


2010 by Allen Estrin & Dennis Prager


Sherman Oaks, CA

Governance Structure

Board of Directors

Number of Employees


Annual Operating Budget



Key Values

  • Judeo-Christian worldview
  • Conservativism
  • Education
  • Individual freedom
  • Free speech
  • Limited government

Key Behaviors

  • Trustworthy and ethical
  • Systematic and efficient
  • Analytical and high standards
  • Self-starting and problem-solving
  • Good at delegating

Key Qualifications

  • 15+ years professional experience with at least 5+ years of leadership of a comprehensive development program
  • Demonstrated ability to build and grow fundraising team operations tied to revenue growth
  • Some direct fundraising experience with successful donor cultivation and solicitation and/or demonstrated knowledge of major gifts stewardship strategies and practices
  • Long-term strategic planning experience
  • Proven track record of successfully and effectively managing teams of 20+ people
  • Success in aligning development staff strategy to support institutional objectives and priorities
  • Interpersonal skills to engage, collaborate, and persuade others
  • Entrepreneurial mindset with a drive to test and deploy new techniques
  • Analytical and systematic approach
  • Confidential manner concerning sensitive information and documentation
  • Database/CRM proficiency, Raiser’s Edge experience preferred
  • Experience with media/marketing along with knowledge of current political environment, strongly preferred
  • Ability to travel occasionally


Since its inception, PragerU has grown aggressively—and expanded its operations and fundraising efforts significantly year after year. This new position offers the opportunity of big-picture strategic planning and the responsibility of shoring up that remarkable success. The Vice President of Development will oversee the entire development strategy (major gifts, foundations, donor clubs, and direct mail), operations, staff, and processes and systems while the Chief Development Officer focuses more on high-level donor relations.

Primary Responsibilities Include

Strategy, Vision, and Leadership—support the creation of an annual strategic development plan and be the main executive responsible for implementing the plan; establish department metrics; maintain short term fundraising goals in light of long-term planning; gather and analyze information to make wise strategic and tactical decisions.

Department Management—manage 15 staff members; model the values and culture of the organization to all staff; support and empower a relationally-driven team; establish systems, standards, and objectives for staff; monitor and correct strategic alignment of all staff efforts; facilitate the sharing of resources and best practices across the department; recruit and retrain and evaluate staff; maintain a strong sense of collegiality and purpose.

Department Operations—manage the infrastructure to raise funds; provide regular evaluation of development activities and identify opportunities to adapt systems and improve results for growth; implement best practices, policies, and procedures; identify and implement new systems and operations to scale operations.

Financial Oversight—oversee fundraising systems and record keeping procedures; work with the Chief Financial Officer to ensure coordination of financial data and adherence to policy controls; establish and maintain procedures for accurate documentation and reports for tracking performance and revenue goals; work with the Chief Development Officer and CEO to review revenue reports and goals; manage department’s annual operating budget; prepare and administer future budgets.

Strategic Direction

During this critical time in American history, Prager University is at the forefront of an educational revolution that will transform what students learn and how young Americans are formed. PragerU’s mission of promoting traditional American values through the creative use of digital media has grown increasingly urgent in the ten years since its founding. In response to this urgency, PragerU is currently focused on the following strategic objectives to address external threats that would undermine our work:

  • Identify technologies to stay ahead of Big Tech censorship and keep pace with the digital landscape;
  • Partner with key conservative cultural leaders to effectively combat leftist ideology and bring more Americans to truth, common sense, and Judeo-Christian values;
  • Expand PragerU Kids programs and reach; and
  • Create and implement a three-year organizational strategic plan with outside consultants.

The Vice President of Development will play a critical role in realizing these strategic objectives, by growing PragerU’s fundraising capacity and operations in ways that will ensure we fully realize both our massive media potential and our vital mission.


Dennis Prager was playing a game of hearts on a radio show cruise when Allen Estrin approached him with an idea. He said that they should start an online university, to undo the damage universities were inflicting on young minds. A brick-and- mortar university would take too much time and too much money. He said they needed to do something that would reach thousands of people, and they needed to act fast.

Allen wanted to get started right away by reaching young people on the internet. Specifically, those who did not listen to conservative talk radio. “Our classroom could be the size of the internet,” he said. At first Dennis thought he was joking or exaggerating. But Allen was his friend of more than 30 years, and Dennis couldn’t remember Allen having told one joke during their entire friendship. So Dennis said, “Go ahead,” and he continued his game of hearts.

A few months later, Allen and Dennis met Marissa Streit through a mutual friend. They both agreed that her background, passion, and fearlessness would make her the ideal CEO to lead this enterprise. Ten years later, PragerU has 70 staff members, hundreds of thousands of donors, millions of subscribers, and multiple billions of views per year.


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