Operations Manager

Emergent Order Foundation - Austin, TX


As Operations Manager, you’ll empower the team to produce world-class visual storytelling by taking ownership of the organization’s backbone operations and processes, support the team with tools and workflows, measure our performance and generate reports and recommendations for continual improvement, and actively identify and fill gaps in our capabilities as we grow and evolve. You’ll report directly to the co-founder and CEO, John Papola. In success, you will lay the foundation for everyone in the organization to achieve their full potential. As part of a rapidly growing organization, your role, responsibilities and the expectations we have for your work will evolve as we do. Our ideal hope is that you will want to grow into the role of a Chief Operating Officer in the years to come.


Emergent Order Foundation (EO.F) is a non-profit, for-purpose media studio based in Austin, TX that’s built on decades of award-winning entertainment and educational content creation by its core team whose experience includes work at Paramount, Spike TV, Webtoon, Nickelodeon, MTV and its sister production company Emergent Order. Through heroic storytelling that embodies classical virtues and that moves our audience to purposeful action, our mission at Emergent Order Foundation is to build a bottom-up movement that celebrates American freedom and the potential it unlocks in each of us. EO.F is in startup mode and as such we are looking for prospective full-time Operations Manager to come aboard and help build, manage and organize the systems and infrastructure for daily operations so we emerge as a well-oiled machine ready for a high velocity of creative output at very high quality. Learn More: eo.foundation


Specific skills and experience are important, but they are far less important to us than your mindset and approach to getting the job done as part of a team. Your past experience and potential fit for the role will be judged overwhelmingly on a demonstration of the following core competencies:

You lead with integrity: You don’t cut corners or cut anyone down in the process of getting your work done. You treat everyone with dignity, respect and love. And when you see some nonsense going on, you don’t just take offense, you take action.

Deeply Inquisitive: You have a growth mindset. You’re a curious, life-long-learner, ravenous to understand the way things REALLY are, not the way you hope they’ll be or the way other’s claim them to be. Call it scientific skepticism. You want to get to the truth, and verify it through investigation and careful measurement. That way, the choices you make and advice you give are reality-based.

You Think (and Act) Fast, and Slow: You’ve got a fast, intuitive mind and HIGH velocity of work, but you’re also systems-oriented and methodical. 85% of the time, your first thought will be right, but you always take that deep breath to ask “and then what” before leaping into action. That way, you can sprint with confidence without much concern that you’ll run off a cliff Wile E. Coyote style.

You work smart, not just hard: Yes, you have the smarts and sheer grit to muscle through that stack of problems, but if a better mousetrap can be built, you build it. If it can be scripted, automated or systematized so that you and your team are freed to take on the more thorny/wicked problems, you build the robot. And, of course, you love to build robots. You relish in learning new tools. You see poetry in project management tools and databases.

Playful Problem Solver: You keep your sense of humor and take joy in Getting Things Done Right. Having a mile-long to-do list doesn’t stress you it, it invigorates you. It’s your PURPOSE to rip though that list and do it well. You’re drawn to those gordian knots like a moth to a flame. And when you cut through them, the satisfaction propels you into your next challenge with gusto. Despite your analytical bent, you don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.


  • You are an operator at heart, your analytical approach to everything is your passion.
  • Comfort with leading processes through change.
  • Great communicator, comfortable with presenting your ideas/results to senior executives/board.
  • Comfortable negotiating with vendors/consultants/project-based employees.
  • Not afraid to be an enforcer on process, without becoming a prisoner to it. 


  • 5-7 years of experience in project management and operations with progressing responsibility. 
  • Non-profit experience, including preparing reports for donors and navigating 501c3 compliance, is ideal though not strictly But, as with everything, you’ll need to learn it if you don’t know it.
  • Experience with managing partners, vendors, client reporting.
  • Hands on experience architecting systems, determining and employing software solutions, and executing with excellence.
  • Proficiency with software as a service (SaaS/cloud) solutions relevant to the role. 
  • Contribute operations information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews; prepare and complete action plans; implement production, productivity, quality and customer-service standards; resolve problems; complete audits; identify trends. 
  • Forecast requirements; help prepare an annual budget; schedule expenditures; analyze variances; initiating corrective actions. 
  • Develop systems by determining production and execution requirements; develop, implement, enforce and evaluate policies and procedures. 
  • Analyze process workflow, employee and space requirements and equipment layout; implement changes. 
  • Maintain updated information and maintain safe and healthy work environment as we grow by establishing, following and enforcing standards and procedures. 
  • Update job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications. 
  • Meet or exceed operations budget expectations.
  • Manage process as needed when it comes to staff employees, freelancers, partners and payroll/payment processes, including AR/AP and work with controller to ensure accurate bookkeeping. 
  • Responsible for all department managers operations needs including but not limited to equipment, human resources, technology and office equipment. 
  • Keep all processes/procedures current and modern, regular updates of industry standards to senior leadership to keep ahead of the curve. 


Who, where, when and how much, you ask?

  • In this role, you will report directly to John Papola, president and CEO of EO Foundation, managing operations and effectively serving as John’s chief of staff. 
  • Our headquarters are in Austin, TX (which is awesome) and we strongly prefer that this role is filled in. Remote work may be considered for an exceptional candidate if relocation is on the table for the not-too-distant future.
  • Salary will be commensurate with the experience of the candidate. 
  • We offer robust group PPO health insurance with a wide range of plan options (via United Healthcare’s Choice Plus Network), 401k, wellness and other benefits for full-time staff. 

Please submit your application and CV here: https://airtable.com/shr9N483iOaGlJVfS

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