Let us advertise for you.

Finding good talent for open positions at your organization is difficult, time-consuming, and essential. Too often open positions sit vacant while your other staff taps their networks searching for applicants. This distracts from important work even as your team is trying to cover up for an open position.

With an extremely tight talent pool in the nonprofit marketplace, finding the best applicants for your organization requires that you reach a broad audience. American Philanthropic can help you do that.

With our Nonprofit Talent Marketing, we can work with you to advertise your open positions to a wide network of nonprofit organizations, professionals, and leaders. By leveraging American Philanthropic’s high profile, in tandem with Philanthropy Daily, we can get your job posting in front of the right people in the nonprofit marketplace. Our marketing can help generate more leads and more applications—from individuals engaged in the mission-driven, nonprofit community.

American Philanthropic can design and post advertisements, and actively market your job posting through our monthly jobs board email, social media, and online ad space.


What we offer

On a monthly basis, American Philanthropic and Philanthropy Daily will advertise your job:

  • Design a job advertisement and develop a social media campaign
  • Post your job advertisement and run a campaign on social media
    • One month of job posting on American Philanthropic and Philanthropy Daily websites
    • Twice per month on each social media platform through American Philanthropic and Philanthropy Daily
    • Opportunity to boost your social media campaign to a targeted audience that fits your organization’s features
  • Market your job posting on Philanthropy Daily’s weekly newsletter and American Philanthropic’s monthly jobs board email with a combined mailing list of over 10,000 contacts

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