Chris Kuetemeyer


Chris Kuetemeyer brings over twenty years of fundraising and leadership experience in the nonprofit world. During his tenure at FOCUS, he spearheaded the transformation of a tiny development team raising $1,000,000 into a fundraising powerhouse with over 30 full-time staff and annual commitments of $25,000,000. Additionally, Chris was responsible for training FOCUS staff in mission-based fundraising and for developing close partnerships with philanthropists across the nation who share FOCUS’s mission. Prior to joining the FOCUS development team, Chris was commissioned as an officer in the Army National Guard and later spent a year deployed to Iraq, for which he was awarded the Combat Action Badge and the Bronze Star Award Medal.

Chris resides in Denver, Colorado with his wife, Elizabeth, and their four children. In addition to his work in fundraising and executive leadership, he serves as vice president of the governing board of a public charter school, Addenbrooke Classical Academy, where three of his children are students. Additionally, he serves on the parish council for Christ on the Mountain Catholic Church and the Provincial Council for the Capuchin Province of Mid-America. Chris enjoys reading, working-out, following the Denver Broncos and being with his wife and kids.

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