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American Philanthropic is a growing, national philanthropic consulting and services firm with offices in the Philadelphia, Chicago, Phoenix, Denver, Kansas City, and Raleigh metro areas. American Philanthropic works with charitable foundations and nonprofits to strengthen civil society—those nongovernmental, non-market-based associations and organizations which are vital to the health of our democracy. To do this, we offer strategic planning and assessment services, as well as a variety of services related to grantmaking and fundraising including development training, messaging and branding assistance, creation of donor-oriented materials and solicitations, donor prospect research, and direct mail program management, among others.

American Philanthropic’s direct response group helps nonprofits acquire new donors and cultivate a deeper relationship with current supporters by planning, consulting on, and executing direct mail, digital outreach, and other integrated fundraising campaigns. More information about American Philanthropic’s mission and work is available at www.americanphilanthropic.com.


A senior consultant, direct response at American Philanthropic is primarily responsible for supporting its clients in executing integrated direct response programs by assisting in a variety of duties including client communication and cultivation, strategic guidance and support, communications planning, project management, coordinating tasks among internal and external stakeholders, and maintaining quality control for each project.

The position works closely with other members of the American Philanthropic staff and with outside contractors to ensure we meet a high standard of excellence in serving our clients. Specific responsibilities include:

Consulting and Client Deliverables

  • Cultivating a deep technical, tactical, and strategic understanding of all direct response channels including direct mail and digital techniques, strategies, and tactics;
  • Guiding strategy for and overseeing all aspects of each client project and ensuring timely execution of all facets of integrated fundraising campaigns for multiple clients;
  • Completing tasks efficiently, accurately, and on time by taking ownership of each project assignment across the entire process from inception to completion;
  • Interacting professionally by phone, video conference, in-person, and email with clients, internal colleagues and consultants, and external partners including art directors, designers, content creators, copywriters, data processing, list brokers, and printers;
  • Learning and perfecting working knowledge and experience with best practices related to direct mail, digital outreach, social media, design techniques, data analysis, project management software and processes, and Salesforce database systems among others;
  • Proofing and reviewing project deliverables for quality and accuracy such as appeal letters and package components, emails, landing pages, and other campaign contents with an exceptional eye for detail and ensure all components align with client brand message and support their goals and objectives; and
  • Providing other routine assistance related to the company’s direct response services as needed.

Client Communications and Project Management

  • Facilitating the overall creative and production processes—including initiation, scheduling, status updates, and approvals and ultimately ensures projects are delivered on time;
  • Managing with flexibility an ever-changing, heavy workload by effectively setting, observing, and continually re-evaluating and adjusting project priorities;
  • Taking the lead in planning meetings and setting agenda;
  • Managing results tracking sheets and reports, project timelines and calendars, and other planning tools for both internal and external uses to keep tasks and projects on track;
  • Coordinating with internal and external parties such as designers, copywriters, digital content creators, mail-houses, printers, etc., as needed; and
  • Prepare and send monthly results reports to clients.

Business Development and Other

  • Assisting with business development, including proposal development and client cultivation;
  • Assisting with the performance of other company-related tasks, as needed;
  • Representing the firm at client meetings, conferences, seminars, and other events; and
  • Mentoring junior staff to support their professional development.

This position will report to the Senior Managing Consultant, Direct Response, and may require 4-6 days travel per month for client meetings, events, and trainings. Occasionally, availability to work outside of normal business hours in order to meet client deadlines is necessary.


4-6+ years of professional experience, including direct response experience, is required; experience with digital fundraising techniques and strategies is a plus. Liberal arts background preferred. The ideal candidate will also demonstrate:

  • Outstanding organizational, time management, and planning expertise; with a strong ability to manage multiple priorities;
  • Initiative to drive projects with well-honed organizational skills, attention to detail, a high degree of personal initiative and conscientiousness, keen intelligence, superb interpersonal skills, and an ability to shift quickly between tasks required;
  • Practical hands-on experience leading and overseeing direct response programs, including direct mail and digital initiatives, strategy development, and tactical execution;
  • Strong communication and collegiality, as well as a capacity to build personal relationships of trust and respect both with clients and colleagues;
  • An exceptional ability to multi-task, effectively managing many competing deadlines and client priorities with a high degree of prudence and conscientiousness;
  • Excellent writing, analytical, and organizational skills, as demonstrated by consistently thorough and thoughtful execution of client work;
  • Capacity to take personal ownership of projects, accomplish tasks, and manage up to other colleagues;
  • An aptitude for getting and keeping business, including effective cultivation and maintenance of current clients and, over time, seeking out and winning new potential clients;
  • A strong work ethic, humble manner, and demonstrated willingness to go above and beyond when necessary; and
  • A desire and ability to effectively contribute to company culture and value practical wisdom, excellence, integrity, hard work, and conviviality.

In addition, the candidate will demonstrate interest in and facility with contemporary American political, cultural, sociological, and economic discourse, especially as those realms of thinking impinge upon civil society. A strong commitment to the American Philanthropic mission of strengthening society’s “little platoons”—the independent mediating institutions and voluntary associations that constitute civil society and are vital to human flourishing—is expected. And you should be enthusiastic about the opportunity to help build a fast-growing consulting and services firm into a major force in American philanthropy.




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