Director of Stewardship, Parish Advance: Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ


American Philanthropic is a growing, national philanthropic consulting and services firm with offices in the Philadelphia, Chicago, Phoenix, and Denver metro areas. American Philanthropic works with charitable foundations and nonprofits to strengthen civil society—those nongovernmental, non-market-based associations and organizations which are vital to the health of our democracy. To do this, we offer a full suite of services that span every fundraising program. More information about American Philanthropic is available at www.americanphilanthropic.com.


In 2022, American Philanthropic will launch a new program for Catholic parishes called Parish Advance. This program’s goal is to help parishes create stronger relationships with parishioners, resulting in a more vibrant parish culture as well as increased financial resources. The Director of Stewardship will work with five parishes in the Diocese of Phoenix to implement the program.

With strategic guidance from a senior American Philanthropic consultant, he or she will meet with and communicate regularly with parishioners, help coordinate fundraising communications, and offer strategic and tactical guidance to pastors and other parish leaders, all with the goal of strengthening the parish as a means of strengthening the Church and the society in which it is embedded.

The Director of Stewardship will help parishes overcome these obstacles—such as competing priorities and limited time and resources—to parish growth by managing up to pastors and other parish leaders, building relationships directly with parishioners, helping the parish communicate effectively and compellingly, and assisting with a specific fundraising communication plan. By all these means and others, the Director of Stewardship will increase the sense of belonging and commitment parishioners feel toward their parishes.

The Director of Stewardship will primarily be responsible for partnering with five parishes within the Phoenix Diocese to advance parish life through fundamental relationship-building fundraising practices that include but are not limited to:

Parish Engagement and Support

  • Serving as the main point of contact between American Philanthropic and the parish, to each of which the Director will devote eight hours per week of his or her time;
  • Overseeing the Parish Advance stewardship strategy and calendar for each church, and communicating regularly with each parish pastor and dedicated church staff;
  • Meeting with as many parishioners as possible;
  • Being a regular presence at each parish, forming attending relationships with parishioners, and attending major church and diocesan events;
  • Implementing stewardship practices through phone calls, handwritten notes, and emails and texts to parishioners;
  • Collaborating regularly and consistently with parish pastor about special gift solicitation purposes and amounts, and then actively making solicitations;
  • Providing regular reports to the parish pastor and managing up as needed to strengthen efforts;
  • Coordinating with American Philanthropic’s direct response group internally to ensure successful execution of four digitally integrated mailings per year for each church; and,
  • Meeting regularly with his or her American Philanthropic supervisor and executing any other initiatives as requested by supervisor.


  • Attending, as requested, American Philanthropic trainings and events;
  • Adhering to American Philanthropic internal practices and processes;
  • Building the respect and recognition of American Philanthropic in the community and actively engaging in other parish opportunities; and
  • Assisting with the performance of other company-related tasks as needed.

The position reports directly to Jeremy Beer, Principal Partner, and will require daily travel within the greater Phoenix metro area, as well as occasional national travel for meetings, events, and trainings.


The ideal candidate will have 3+ years of professional experience, including some time spent in nonprofit organizations. He or she must be able to demonstrate a deep and steadfast appreciation for the core teachings and devotional practices of the Catholic Church. Liberal arts background preferred.

An exceptional candidate will demonstrate:

  • Strong personal interest and commitment to American Philanthropic’s mission of strengthening society’s “little platoons”—the independent mediating institutions and voluntary associations that constitute civil society and are vital to human flourishing;
  • A history of success in fundraising, including experience making asks of major donor prospects.
  • Personal interest in and alignment with the client base served by American Philanthropic, as well as facility with contemporary American political, cultural, sociological, and economic discourse, especially as those realms of thinking impinge upon civil society;
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills and a capacity to build personal relationships of trust and respect both with clients and colleagues;
  • An exceptional ability to multi-task, organize, and manage multiple projects and deadlines with a high degree of prudence and conscientiousness;
  • Capacity to take personal ownership of projects, accomplish tasks, manage up to others, and make consistent progress on projects with minimal supervision;
  • A strong work ethic, humble manner, and willingness to go above and beyond, when necessary, in order to help our clients and the company succeed and grow; and
  • Enthusiasm about the opportunity to help build a fast-growing consulting and services firm into a major force in American philanthropy;
  • The desire and ability to make a positive contribution to a company culture that values practical wisdom, excellence, integrity, hard work, and conviviality; and,
  • The desire and ability to help transform fundraising as it is typically practiced within Catholic parishes.


  • Cover letter that outlines 1) your interest in the position 2) how your values align with our mission and Catholic teaching 3) a highlight of your professional and/or personal achievements that have particular relevance to your ability to perform the role’s duties with excellence
  • Resume
  • Writing sample, preferably from professional experience
  • Three professional references



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