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American Philanthropic is a growing, national philanthropic consulting and services firm with offices nationwide. American Philanthropic works with donors and nonprofits to strengthen civil society—those nongovernmental, non-market-based associations and organizations which are vital to the health of our democracy. To do this, we offer strategic planning and assessment services, as well as a wide variety of services related to grantmaking and fundraising. More information is available at www.americanphilanthropic.com.

The Center for Civil Society (C4CS) is American Philanthropic’s educational platform. It contributes toward the company’s broader mission of strengthening civil society through education and convening, providing research, publications, online events and trainings, and in-person events. These resources bring people together in community and offer practical advice, ideas, training, and tools that help civil society leaders achieve their missions.


As the Director of Events for the Center for Civil Society, you will be responsible for planning and executing the firm’s in-person events and providing project management support for digital events.

This position works closely with American Philanthropic’s marketing group and other staff throughout the company to ensure that the firm continues to meet a high standard of excellence in serving its clients and becomes firmly established as a respected thought-leader within the nonprofit consulting space. Primary responsibilities include the following.

Event Management

  • Working with American Philanthropic’s leaders to refine event concepts and schedules and identify speakers;
  • Establishing consistent guidelines, systems, roles, and processes for events;
  • Identifying and securing locations, venues, speakers, and timeframes for in-person programs;
  • Working with vendors and strategic partners in successful coordination and execution of events;
  • Managing event budgets, timelines, contracts, marketing, collateral materials, and other communications;
  • Assisting with content development and coordination of curriculum materials as needed;
  • Interacting in a courteous and professional manner with speakers, vendors, staff, and others;
  • Serving as onsite contact during in-person events;
  • Providing project management support for digital events;
  • Helping to facilitate and moderate digital events;
  • Helping to identify and implement event management platforms and programs, as needed;
  • Helping to advise other staff and clients, on occasion, on event-related matters.


  • Helping to build the respect and recognition of American Philanthropic by executing high-quality events that generate revenue through sponsorships and registrations and create larger networks and effective pipelines for marketing other services;
  • Building strong relationships with current and prospective clients in the course of event planning and execution; and
  • Assisting with the performance of other executive, managerial, and administrative tasks, as needed.

This position can be remote or in-office, and may require 5 days per month in travel, on average, depending on calendar of in-person events. Salary is commensurate with experience.


The ideal candidate will have at least three years of professional experience, including experience in event planning and execution. Liberal arts background preferred. The ideal candidate will also demonstrate:

  • Strong personal interest and commitment to American Philanthropic’s mission of strengthening society’s “little platoons”—the independent mediating institutions and voluntary associations that constitute civil society and are vital to human flourishing;
  • Personal interest in and alignment with the client base served by American Philanthropic, as well as facility with contemporary American political, cultural, sociological, and economic discourse, especially as those realms of thinking impinge upon civil society;
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills and a capacity to build personal relationships of trust and respect both with clients and colleagues;
  • An exceptional ability to multi-task, organize, and manage multiple projects and deadlines with a high degree of prudence and conscientiousness;
  • Strong writing, analytical, and research skills;
  • Capacity to take personal ownership of projects, accomplish tasks, manage up to others, and make consistent progress on projects with minimal supervision;
  • A strong work ethic, humble manner, and willingness to go above and beyond when necessary in order to help our clients and the company succeed and grow; and
  • Enthusiasm about the opportunity to help build a fast-growing consulting and services firm into a major force in American philanthropy; and
  • The desire and ability to make a positive contribution to a company culture that values practical wisdom, excellence, integrity, hard work, and conviviality.


  • Cover letter that outlines 1) your interest in the position 2) how your values align with our mission 3) a highlight of your professional and/or personal achievements that have particular relevance to your ability to perform the role’s duties with excellence
  • Resume
  • Writing sample, preferably from professional experience (i.e., redacted solicitation letter or professional email, strategy document, collateral)
  • Three professional references



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