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American Philanthropic is a growing, national philanthropic consulting and services firm with offices in the Philadelphia, Chicago, Phoenix, and Denver, metro areas. American Philanthropic works with charitable foundations and nonprofits to strengthen civil society—those nongovernmental, non-market-based associations and organizations which are vital to the health of our democracy. To do this, we offer strategic planning and assessment services, as well as a variety of services related to grantmaking and fundraising including development training, messaging and branding assistance, creation of donor-oriented materials and solicitations, donor prospect research, and direct mail program management, among others. More information is available at www.americanphilanthropic.com.


The database associate position at American Philanthropic is for the enterprising, detail-oriented, and systemically-minded young professional. While no former experience with databases is required, the associate must be adept in managing multiple projects and competing priorities.

At American Philanthropic, the associate will be on a growth trajectory that includes Salesforce certification and becoming proficient over time in several project-management tools. Therefore, the ideal candidate will be motivated to take initiative to learn and develop professionally while supporting the company’s own growth.

The core responsibilities are maintaining and refining the company’s Salesforce-based project management and operations systems—this work includes developing proficiency in company systems, helping to set up new business opportunities and client engagement records, maintaining engagement records to ensure consistency and accuracy, as well as working with staff throughout the company to set up projects accurately and troubleshoot system issues. Being able to establish trust and strong working relationship with colleagues is essential for the success of this role.

Primary activities and responsibilities include the following:

Project Management and Operations

  • Managing the firm’s Salesforce-based project management system to support effective consulting engagement delivery;
  • Setting up and tracking project details within the system, making recommendations appropriately;
  • Assisting in the business development process by developing pipeline projects;
  • Working with groups to accurately record and troubleshoot resource assignments, work allocation, and project financials;
  • Conducting regular project status review meetings with project groups;
  • Addressing system-related questions and concerns of other American Philanthropic staff in a professional and confident manner;
  • Developing and implementing project management procedures and methodologies to achieve business goals; and
  • Updating, maintaining, and communicating changes in client engagement records.


  • Maintaining Salesforce database hygiene, as well as building custom reports and dashboards;
  • Performing database maintenance tasks, including diagnostic tests and duplicate entry cleansing;
  • Upgrading and configuring Salesforce systems for optimized integration;
  • Evaluating and installing new Salesforce releases, as well as providing training and support;
  • Documenting processes, including error reports and changes to field history tables; and
  • Preparing reports for business development and other departments.


  • Attending, as requested, American Philanthropic trainings and events;
  • Adhering to American Philanthropic internal practices and processes;
  • Building the respect and recognition of American Philanthropic in the community and actively engaging in other parish opportunities; and
  • Assisting with the performance of other company-related tasks as needed.

The position reports directly to the business and finance management director and may require occasional local and national travel for meetings, events, and trainings.


The ideal candidate will have 3+ years of professional experience. Liberal arts background preferred. An exceptional candidate will demonstrate:

  • Strong personal interest and commitment to American Philanthropic’s mission of strengthening society’s “little platoons”—the independent mediating institutions and voluntary associations that constitute civil society and are vital to human flourishing;
  • Personal interest in and alignment with the client base served by American Philanthropic, as well as facility with contemporary American political, cultural, sociological, and economic discourse, especially as those realms of thinking impinge upon civil society;
  • Capacity to take personal ownership of projects, accomplish tasks, manage up to others, and make consistent progress on projects with minimal supervision;
  • A strong work ethic, humble manner, and willingness to go above and beyond when necessary in order to help our clients and the company succeed and grow; and
  • Enthusiasm about the opportunity to help build a fast-growing consulting and services firm into a major force in American philanthropy; and
  • The desire and ability to make a positive contribution to a company culture that values practical wisdom, excellence, integrity, hard work, and conviviality.


  • Cover letter that outlines 1) your interest in the position 2) how your values align with our mission 3) a highlight of your professional and/or personal achievements that have particular relevance to your ability to perform the role’s duties with excellence
  • Resume
  • Three professional references

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