The Higher Calling of Fundraising
A lively conversation with nonprofit professionals and leaders in philanthropy.
Thursday, October 24, 5-8 pm
Downtown Phoenix
Cibo Urban Pizzeria Cafe, 603 N 5th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85003
The Forgotten Foundations of Fundraising
Fundraising can sometimes be seen as gimmicky or underhanded, even desperate. But that’s a very narrow view of what can be an honorable vocation with a “higher calling.” In fact, nonprofit fundraising plays an integral role in building a healthy democracy, and the individuals who work every day in fundraising are helping our communities thrive in countless ways. Celebrating the release of "The Forgotten Foundations of Fundraising" by Jeremy Beer and Jeffrey Cain, co-founders of American Philanthropic, our panelists will lead a practical and philosophical discussion about fundraising. Topics will range from professional best practices to the role of philanthropy in forging shared identities and thicker communities.
Downtown Phoenix
Cibo Urban Pizzeria Cafe, 603 N 5th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85003
Join American Philanthropic and Philanthropy Daily at the Cibo, CARRIAGE HOUSE in Downtown Phoenix for a conversation on “The Higher Calling of Fundraising.” Gather with other nonprofit professionals and leaders in philanthropy for a lively panel discussion over complimentary drinks and dinner.
Leading voices in philanthropy.
Panelists will include Jeremy Beer, Ryan Corry, Cande de Leon, Genevieve Peterson, and other experts in nonprofit fundraising and philanthropy.
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