Forgotten Foundations of Fundraising
A Webinar on Data and Databases
Jan 6, 2022 04:00 PM
Zoom Webinar
What should a CRM be doing for you that it isn't? What sort of standard uses and reports is it not delivering? And what are the common ways we see human error exacerbating these problems?
How To Better Hate Your Database
We've never heard a nonprofit leader tell us "we love our database—everyone uses it well, and it does everything we need at the click of a button!" The hatred of CRMs is nearly universal. Yet they are the nerve center of the whole development operation. Your database won't bring in a seven figure major gift. But it will—unbeknownst to you—prevent one from ever happening when a phone number is lost in a data migration, or a gifts officer accidentally offends a donor about some matter that is buried in meeting notes in a section of the database they never quite figured out how to use. Join Devon Ironside and Cecilia Diem for a database webinar in which we eschew magical technical solutions. Instead, we'll help you better define just what it is about your database that is upsetting you. (After all, the first step to recovery is precisely defining the problem).
American Philanthropic Experts
Founded in 2009, American Philanthropic stands out among philanthropic consultancies. We don’t work on commission. We don’t peddle secret formulas or magic bullets. We don’t cloak our work in meaningless jargon and buzzwords. Instead, we focus on what matters. Doing the right things, the right way, consistently and over time: that is the not-so-secret key to nonprofit success. Our purpose is to help you achieve yours.

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