Webinar: Philadelphia Social
The role of storytelling for fundraising and donor engagement
Wednesday, April 1st, from 2:00 pm
Webinar via Zoom
The role of storytelling for fundraising and donor engagement
You are invited to gather with American Philanthropic’s fundraising experts and fellow nonprofit leaders to hear from Dr. Iain Berhoft, professor of literature at Providence College. Dr. Bernhoft will discuss the importance of storytelling—and how to do it well—in order to communicate your organization’s mission and vision in a compelling way. There will also be time for open discussion on all your development questions.
Webinar via Zoom
Unfortunately, in response to the rapidly increasing concern regarding COVID-19, we have decided to take this event online for the time being. We will hold the event as a webinar via Zoom and will be available to answer all your communication and fundraising questions. Don’t worry we’ll be back in Philadelphia ASAP!
American Philanthropic's fundraising experts
American Philanthropic consultants and Dr. Iain Bernhoft will be available to answer your development and fundraising questions, provide advice and counsel on your particular fundraising challenges, and share their insights and wisdom on ways to help your nonprofit succeed. Dr. Iain Bernhoft will also discuss the important role storytelling should play in your organization.

Iain Bernhoft

Dr. Iain Bernhoft teaches college literature and rhetoric at Providence College. His writing has appeared in academic journals and journalistic outlets, including Modern Fiction Studies, the Cormac McCarthy Journal, and the National Catholic Register. He also works as a writer for American Philanthropic. Iain holds a Ph.D. in English from Boston University, and lives in Providence, Rhode Island with his wife and two sons.

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