Diving Deep into the Giving Well
A Conversation with David Bahnsen about the Little Book on Giving Well
Wednesday, February 2, 2022 at 3:00 pm Eastern Time
Zoom Webinar
The amazing thing about The Little Book on Giving Well: 8 Questions Every Donor Should Ask is that it has so much more to give. How to distill this extra wisdom?
By asking. Who, and where? A profoundly thoughtful giver, that’s who. David Bahnsen will be the featured guest in the Center for Civil Society’s can’t-miss February 2nd webinar, Diving Deep into the Giving Well (3–4 ET). As a founder of a leading private wealth-management group, relentless donor, member of numerous boards (National Review Institute and Kings College), ed-choice activist, apostle of free-market capitalism, host of popular podcasts, best-selling author (his latest: There’s No Free Lunch: 250 Economic Truths), Bahnsen has thought long and hard about charity while practicing it. This one-man giver, doer, and thinker is the ideal guest for a deeper examination of The Little Book on Giving Well and its findings (derived from American Philanthropic’s extensive “Donor Crossroads Survey” conducted last year). One by one, David and webinar host Jack Fowler will explore the book’s eight key topics—from How as a donor do I protect my mission to What should I expect from nonprofits I support?—and learn from David’s wisdom and experience in the art of giving well.
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