Can the Bible Inspire the Modern Philanthropist?
Tuesday, December 7 2021 3:00 PM Eastern
The Caritas or the Stick: Can the Bible Inspire the Modern Philanthropist?
Western Civilization’s core document is replete with teachings about wealth and duty. How can the Bible’s teachings inform and inspire American givers? What is charity, understood Biblically? How does this concept differ from “philanthropy”? How should faith inform our own charitable actions? These and other questions will be addressed by a distinguished panel of givers, doers, and thinkers who have spent much of their lives thinking about wealth and the moral obligations that attend it, about charity as a practice informed by Judeo-Christian teaching, and about actually engaging in charity in a way that traces its roots and motivations to faith and tradition. Consider joining us for this discussion on December 7th. The conversation is sure to delight and motivate.

Jack Fowler

Director of the Center for Civil Society

Jeremy Beer

Principal Partner

Mary Pope Osborne

Author and children’s literacy advocate

Rusty Reno

Editor of First Things and Author


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