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Success in nonprofit fundraising really boils down to two things:

  1. Finding new donors, and
  2. Retaining and upgrading current donors.

Do those two things well, and you’ll raise the money you need to sustain and grow your organization. But finding and upgrading donors takes time, money, and energy; at least two of which are usually in short supply – especially for smaller nonprofits.

That’s why we launched Elements Pro:

To help you spend more time in front of donors, asking for their support, and less time behind a computer screen, trying to find them.

Elements Pro is a streamlined, affordable membership plan that provides high-quality, actionable, and customized donor research – as well as one-on-one strategic development consulting and coaching – to help you get more meetings, close more gifts, and achieve your fundraising goals.

Memberships include 5, 10, or 15-hours of research each month, or a single block of 20 hours to use when you need it. You decide the priorities, we do the work of…

New donors

Finding new donors chosen specifically for their fit with your organization or initiative.

In-depth research

Building in-depth research profiles on your current donors, giving you valuable information on their giving histories, net worth, and other key data points.​

More information

Sorting through your event attendees to identify and provide information on the best prospects.​

More prospects

Discovering private foundations that are good prospects for your group.

Each Elements Pro membership level also includes a monthly block of time for one-on-one strategic consulting with an experienced nonprofit consultant to help you get the most out of the research we deliver.

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