Business Development Specialist

Level: Entry-level
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Remote

Who We Are

American Philanthropic is a rapidly growing national consulting and services firm that helps nonprofits and those that support them raise and give charitable funds. We believe that people flourish within voluntary associations—the charities, churches, schools, and organizations that make up civil society. Nonprofits need money, and that’s where AmPhil comes in: we help nonprofits think strategically, develop powerful messaging, reach potential donors, and cultivate the donors they have. We also help civil-minded donors give wisely and well. What binds us together are our commitments to excellent work and deep thinking, to practical wisdom and learning by doing, to camaraderie and a shared mission.

What You’ll Do

Writing and Editing: Support business development efforts by being the main document creator of collateral for potential clients; draft and edit business development proposals; and, occasionally, create new proposal templates.

Project Management: Continually refine the proposal process; track client outreach in database and ensure records are accurate and updated; follow up with colleagues regarding status of business development outreach.

Business Development Support: Assist with internal communication regarding general and individual business development matters, special projects, and other business development-related tasks as needed.

Solutions Specialist: Become well-versed in company’s fundraising philosophy, business development strategy and practices, and solution offerings. Be comfortable offering insight and advice regarding business development strategies to colleagues as required.

What We’re Looking For

Experience: The ideal candidate will have at least 2+ years of professional experience, preferably in a nonprofit development setting. Liberal arts background preferred. All candidates must demonstrate strong writing skills, reflect superior interpersonal and communication skills, and be adept at using Microsoft Office. This position reports directly to the Chief Marketing Officer and may require some travel for company trainings and events.

Principled: First and foremost, we’re looking for someone excited and passionate about our mission of strengthening the “little platoons” of civil society. It makes it a lot more fun to actually care about what you’re working on! Crucially, this passion must translate into practical action: a strong work ethic, a humble manner, and a willingness to go above and beyond when necessary to help our clients and company succeed and grow.

Curious: We want to work with people who are curious about the world, and who want to learn and talk about contemporary American political, cultural, sociological, and economic discourse (especially in conjunction with how those realms affect civil society). The ideal candidate is also a self-starter: someone eager to discover ways to do their job better and to grow professionally and personally.

Diligent: We believe excellence is the result of doing the right things in the right way, consistently and over time. So, we look for people who possess the prudence and the discipline to take ownership of projects, accomplish tasks, strive for excellence, manage up to others, and make consistent progress with minimal supervision.

Convivial: We want people with strong interpersonal and communication skills, and a capacity to build personal relationships of trust and respect with clients and colleagues. The ideal candidate possesses both the desire and the ability to make a positive contribution to a company culture that values honesty, hard work, friendship, and good humor.

What You’ll Love

Mission: Everything we do is guided by our mission to strengthen civil society. We put our clients first, and you will get to come alongside dozens of nonprofits and donors who do work that leads to human flourishing and strengthening communities.

Influence: You have the opportunity to stand out quickly and demonstrate your value, as employees are given a high degree of ownership over their work. We want you to do work you’re proud of, and to be recognized for it.

Growth: Every employee belongs to a group that is entrusted with crucial strategic growth initiatives. You’ll help the company as a whole grow from small to medium over the next few years as we set out to more than double in size.

Flexibility: Our offices are in Phoenix, Denver, Chicago, and Philadelphia. You have the option to work out of one of our beautiful office spaces or to work remotely. Likewise, we understand you have a life outside of work and trust you to arrange your schedule to manage all your responsibilities.

Practical Wisdom: We are guided by common sense and practical wisdom, not bureaucracy or trite slogans. We invite employees to use the totality of their personhood in approaching their work and relationships, because they have the freedom to execute responsibilities in line with their interests and talents.

Perks: Intellectually curious people make the best employees. We want you to continue developing the life of the mind and your own interests—even if they relate loosely to your specific responsibilities. All employees are provided with a yearly stipend for subscriptions to enhance your learning.

Competitive Compensation: We will pay competitive market rates, have a generous benefits package and holiday/PTO schedule.


  • Cover letter that outlines 1) your interest in the position 2) how your values align with our mission 3) a highlight of your professional and/or personal achievements that have particular relevance to your ability to perform the role’s duties with excellence
  • Resume
  • Writing sample
  • Three professional references